Title: ‘Sea Change’ (98 cm x 150 cm)
Mixed media; Photomontage, acrylic paint and Text on Blossom Lace.

Title Sea Change II (98 cm x 150 cm)
Mixed Media: Photomontage, Acrylic Paint & Text on Blossom Lace,

Untitled: Lost for Words (1 metre x 1.35 metres)
Mixed Media: Photomontage (credit to aljazeera.com, bbc.co.uk and theguardian.com) on Blossom Lace with chiffon and linen backing.

This hanging has been printed onto lace from my photograph of the English Channel and collaged with an image of a migrant boat and with words in different languages meaning ‘Welcome’. I hope it speaks for itself.

Size: I metre x 1.5 metres

Breath of Air

Breath of Air’:

A work which was literally blowing in the wind outside my studio

Size. 1 metre x 1.5 metres Text printed on Blossom Lace.